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Here Are More Good Reasons Why Duck Dock™ Is America's Favorite:

Duck Dock Blind

Duck Dock's™ unique interlocking design enables one person to set it up in just 30 minutes. This owner purchased the aluminum and stainless steel frames for the dock and camouflage and finished it himself. He also painted our bench.

Windsor Camo

Our camouflage design is a break-through. Windsor Camo is simply pockets sewn into the bottom of the wall panels with straps across the top and mid-point of the walls. Simply cut some of the nearby vegetation and stick it through the straps and into the pockets -- Ideal Concealment! You might want to lay some across our roof panels too. A carry bag is included with the fabric option. We also sell the camo separately for use as field blinds.

Let us know if you think we should make natural camouflage materials available. Would cane grass (shown on homepage), cattails, and/or corn stalks be helpful to you? Send us an e-mail and let us know what you think and are willing to pay.


Bring all of your hunting buddies with you because the Duck Dock™ is strong enough to hold more than 1,300 pounds! There are no protrusions or sharp edges to snag your waders or injure your dog, and when you choose PAMdeck for your decking material, there are no slivers.

Decking Options

With Duck Dock™, you have your choice of decking materials.

PAMdeck is our special, no-rot decking with a slip-resistant textured surface. PAMdeck offers a solid deck surface (with no gaps), giving the hunter an extremely solid, secure feeling.

Treated wood decking is about the same weight as PAMdeck but less expensive. There are spaces between the floorboards. No guarantee regarding warping or cracking.

Or, you can select our legs and frame only model and attach your own floorboards. We recommend 1" X 6" treated lumber or 5/4" X 6" cedar decking to keep the weight down. Plywood warps too much.

Drop-in Decking

4' x 2' deck panels are easy to carry and drop into side rails.

Advanced Construction

We use only rust-proof aluminum extrusions and castings with stainless steel fasteners. The sturdy design eliminates wobbling and shaking. Above water height adjustment is also a dream. Duck Dock™ has telescoping legs and arms that allow you to level each corner from 32" - 56". Of course, with a hack saw you can customize Duck Dock™ to lower heights for cornfield hunting.

Our optional cast aluminum foot is big enough for good support in most cornfield, forest, and marsh hunting spots. If you might be in real bad mud, you can drill out the three bushings molded into the feet. Then attach 18" or 24" square plywood to spread out the weight like show shoes.

Compact Storage

Not only does the Duck Dock™ transport in your hunting skiff, it can easily be stored in your garage or basement during the off season.

Above Water Height Adjustment

Aluminum Foot

Transports in Skiff

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